Online board rooms are gathering that is held in real-time using online conference software. The software lets participants connect with each other through the webcam and speaker which allows them to communicate and see each other. It also allows the attendees to use their screens to collaborate on documents. Some of the most popular online board rooms are Zoom and GoToMeeting.

Virtual conferences are less able to keep attendees focused than face-to-face conferences. Participants must fight the temptation to check their emails or text messages, and they may be distracted by kids and pets. Some site board members prefer face-toface meetings due to the difficulty to keep everyone focussed on the discussion.

Board meetings are crucial and formal occasions during which the Board reviews the organisation’s performance and sets its strategy for the future and oversees management. In some organizations, Board meetings are held in a dedicated boardroom. Others might choose an event that reflects the importance of the meeting, such as a conference centre or hotel.

Board portals are a great way to conduct virtual meetings, reducing the cost and complexity associated with governance processes. It can eliminate the need for physical board books that require a significant investment in paper, printing, binding, and shipping costs. It can also cut down on the time needed to create and distribute materials for the board, as well in reducing the risk of exposing sensitive data via email or personal file-sharing systems. A good board portal will have security features like robust Q&A and an audit trail of users’ activities. It should be compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices including iOS and Android.

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