Yo, listen up, I got something to say,
About the legal world and how we can play.
From TruePeopleSearch to contracts galore,
Let’s explore what’s legal and what’s not, for sure.

Looking for flexible legal work that gives you time to play,
Or maybe you need some life insurance to protect your pay?
How about a preconception agreement to plan for the future,
There’s so much to learn, for sure, I won’t abjure.

Need a SAAS service level agreement template for your tech,
Or maybe legal document preparation for that important spec?
Don’t forget the I-9 form for your contractor,
And make sure to meet the income tax submission deadline, or face a bluster.

Company name? Product name? What’s the fuss,
Learn about the legal implications, don’t make a fuss.
From company names to products, make sure you’re in line,
‘Cause legal trouble ain’t no joke, it’ll cost you a dine.

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